Stay Connected Online 24/7

Every home has a wireless router now. The most functional and best wireless routers help us to connect the computer to an Internet Service so that data and media files can be shared seamlessly between devices like mobile and Wi-Fi.

Though wired routers are effective, wireless routers are a better option if you don’t want Ethernet cables around your home. A wireless router is also the best way to connect to internet via a tablet or smartphone.

The Need for a Router

Routers are not necessary if there is hard-wired connection and you are going to access internet through desktop alone. But for most mobile device, there is a lack of Ethernet port and Internet connection can be picked only through wireless connectivity. Thus, a router becomes essential in that case.

Routers allow to seamlessly connect all the devices in our home and allow us to share all kinds of data within our devices. In today’s world, where the house is full of gadgets, router is becoming a necessity.

Network Standards

There are so many new standards being implemented by the router manufacturers as technology is becoming more advanced. There are so many standards like the 802.111g, 802.11n and 802.11ac. These denote the capabilities of the routers.

The latest is the 802.11ac standard and supports Gigabit speeds. This is also backward compatible. Hence, if you are planning to buy a new router, buy the one with this standard. Note that the standards’ benefits cannot be enjoyed unless the devices support it.

Wi-Fi Network Speed

Wireless routers that are compliant with 802.11ac are capable of streaming hi-definition videos over a reasonable distance. But the router’s speed depends on the speed of the network.

Data Security

Routers supporting at least WPA2 so that data in your network is secure. Do not go for WEP as it can be easily compromised.


Tri-Band routers are useful when you have more mobile device in one network and you want greater efficiency and data management. They are useful in offices and are not necessary for a normal home.