Dangers Of The Internet: How to Avoid Serious Data Theft

The internet has become an essential part of our lives now as it is unimaginable to think of a life without emails, Facebook or Google. Be it, students, professionals, doctors or researchers, all of us rely on google for information on any topic under the sun. As the benefits of the internet are multifold, the dangers it can cause to you are also increasing.

One of the most haphazard the internet can bring is stealing of all your personal information via the internet and using them to commit crimes or frauds. This gets so tactically done even before you realize that you are hacked.

Hence, Protection of your data is the key while using the internet. Personal information is very sensitive data, therefore always take an extra step to protect them.

Hackers are the people who involve in different kinds of identity thefts. They may evade to your inbox and steal your emails to collect information about your bills, your credits, details of card, your passwords, and other personal data. They may use phishing by which they send emails to you representing a bank asking you for your personal information.

Let me tell two simple practices you can adopt to protect your online identity

Manage your Passwords 

Usernames and passwords are gateways to access your personal information. So, it is important to have strong passwords. Also, avoid reusing passwords for multiple logins for ease of remembering. Install a password manager to handle it for you. Authenticate your passwords with a security key.

Never open unknown emails, unknown links

Never open emails from unknown mail id. It could be a phishing scam. The links that you see on Facebook could be malicious and to open them may result in many websites collecting your information. Validate the URL before opening the links.