An Overview Of The Sky Broadband Packages

The Sky is very popular when it comes to biggest suppliers of premium TV in the United Kingdom but for years now, they have also been competitive in the broadband sector and offers its’ services equal to the much-experienced companies like BT and Virgin Media. The biggest advantage of subscribing toSky broadband packages over other companies are

  • Their basic package is cheap
  • They are the number one in customer service
  • The service is 76Mbits/sec.

The broadband package is offered at a more competitive price if it is combined with the TV package. Here is an overview about some of the popular plans of Sky Broadband.

Sky Broadband Unlimited

The unlimited band is the cheapest and best plan offered by Sky. Though it is not as fast as the other plans and the speed is 17Mbits/sec, it is cheap and the downloads are unlimited at only £19/month.

Fibre Unlimited, Sky Fibre and Fibre Max

Sky Fibre costs £29/month and the speed is 38Mbits/sec but the download limit is 25 GB and it can be chosen only when the usage requirement is low. If you are a person who plays more games and wants to download them, then the limit is crossed in no time.

Fibre Unlimited

Fibre Unlimited is a plan that has a better value. Although it costs £39/month for a speed for 38Mbits/sec, it is unlimited.

Fibre Max

Fibre max is the best when it comes to speed and added to it is the unlimited download options. Also, it costs £44/month, which is quite reasonable.


Sky’s broadband services are one of the best ones this year. It gives good services for the money paid and it performs pretty decently. While Sky’s broadband is not as perfect in terms of speed, it is still the best all-rounder. It is decently fast, and the customer service is the best in the industry.


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