Radar Detector Technology

Radar detectors are used by drivers or motorists to prevent them from being pulled over by police for going over the speed limit. Radar Detector technology enables the scanning of police radar bands and ensures that drives don’t get pulled over for an unintentional violation of road rules.

These days, radar detectors have advanced such that drivers don’t get stopped by car lock systems (this uses electromagnetic waves too, a person who is trying to open their car door from a distance could trigger a radar detector giving the driver a false alarm). In fact, radar detectors also use GPS to give them all the potential locations of where police are waiting to hand out citations to violators.

The advantage of using a radar detector is that it enables drivers to slow down before coming into the police scanner’s purview. This will make sure that unnecessary citations are avoided and that drivers don’t get blackmarked and they maintain their license.

How To Spot A Good Radar Detector

Personally, I wouldn’t use a radar detector. My driving is mostly during traffic hours and that prevents you from speeding anyway. However, there are times when I do need it – when I travel across States for a trip or a visit to my family. It helps me on those long drives because I tend to generally go a little fast on the empty highways.

My choice for detecting police radar is the Valentine One radar detector. Though this is expensive, this radar detector has helped me avoid many a speeding ticket on my long drives. When you have an expensive car and premium insurance it makes no sense to buy cheap radar detectors.

To top things off, this detector is synced with the Waze app, and therefore this can help you avoid false alarms. So you get accurate directions, and you avoid speeding tickets and you get to zip down your favorite routes without worrying about the red and blue lights slowing you down!

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