How to win 1st place at the science fair


Winning first prize at the science fair is something many entrants aspire to. The key to success is to really understand what you have to do and to stick to all the rules and guidelines to ensure you don’t get disqualified. It’s critical to plan your time when undertaking a big piece of work, so you don’t end up rushing at the last minute.

You will do better if you choose something you are interested in, and you already know a bit about. There are loads of cool science kits for kids that make learning science a fun activity. There’s no point choosing something you think will impress others if you find it boring and difficult. If you choose something you enjoy, you will do much better and others will be able to see your interest.

Try and do something unique. Don’t copy your classmates or steal someone else’s work from the internet – come up with something new and everyone is sure to be impressed. Also make sure you have, or can get, all the equipment you need easily. Make sure you don’t need anything dangerous or expensive or your project will be very difficult to complete.

Writing up a report of your project afterwards is important. Don’t rush this – take time to include everything you did and draw strong conclusions. Include data, charts and photos if appropriate, and make sure the piece is well-presented and grammatically correct. Small errors such as these will lose points, so make sure you proof-read your work before submitting it.

Finally, be confident when presenting your results. Make sure you rehearse your presentation and prepare for any questions which might be asked. You know your project better than anyone else so make sure you show it! Show your enthusiasm for your topic to get everyone else interested in what you are saying too.

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