Amino Acids and how they work

Sports, like all other human activity, is also evolving. One of the most prominent ways in which this is happening is through the implementation of technology in sport. In order for sports to be exciting, however, sportspersons should be in great form! One of the key aspects of good form is fitness.

The fitness of a sportsperson will ensure that the chances of injury are minimized, and they can perform exceedingly well. Sport ultimately is about practice, and a fit athlete who puts in the hours is more likely to succeed at their sport than anyone else. A lot of times, sportspersons will imbibe nutritional supplements to help them cope with the pressures of training and fitness. While the average person cannot sustain their fitness routine with a sportsperson’s food intake, you can mirror them in their supplement usage.

Amino Acids

Better known as the building blocks of the human body, amino acids are a great value add to your fitness regime. If you are already following a strict diet and gym routine, then do let us know about what amino acids do you use. We have some other important information to share on amino acids and how they can be incorporated into your fitness routine.

The main kind of amino acids that fitness trainers will discuss with you are BCAA (branched chain amino acids). These are the most important kind of amino acids and are essential to an athlete’s training. Why take them in supplement form?

  • Guaranteed dosage – if you need 50mg, you get 50mg, not more or less
  • Muscle growth improvement
  • Heightened stamina
  • Better fat burning
  • Lesser fatigue
  • More mental focus
  • Spares muscles from damage, especially for those athletes who exercise in a catatonic state.
  • Better recovery
  • Muscles are comparatively less sore
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