Enjoy ‘Mobile-Only’ Plans Like Never Before

If you are a user who tends to use their mobile for all practical purposes? Whether it is surfing the internet, sending text messages or for calling, if your mobile phone is all you use, you need a plan that is exclusively for SIM cards.

If you are using a conventional mobile plan, you might want to rethink your options. Why pay more when you can enjoy some great savings. BT Mobile has some unbelievable BT.com SIM only deals.

Why must one choose BT SIM only plans?

With an array of mobile plan options to choose from you can be sure to find the perfect plan to suit your usage. What’s more? These plans have choices not just to suit your needs but are also available at some delightful discounts.

You can check for SIM-only plans which have selections like:

  • BT Mobile 4G SIM only plans @about 5 GBP- This is one of the basic plans that may include services like about 500MB data, along with a free gift card. Users also get over 400 minutes of talk time that includes mobile calls. They also have unlimited text message service along with it.
  • BT Mobile SIM only plans @12 GBP. This plan provides some great value for money, providing about 6GB of mobile data. Not just that, users can also send unlimited text messages and have over 1000 minutes of mobile talk time.
  • The ultimate BT Mobile SIM only plan @ 20 GBP. There may not be any plan that surpasses this one, with over 15GB mobile data, users get unlimited calls as well as text message services along.

Along with all the various price and mobile data option, all the plans come with free BT sport app. Not just that, they can also take advantage of unlimited BT Wi-Fi as well.

So, if you are still using any old conventional plan, the best time to change over is now.


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