1.Types Of Short Bags For Women

People prefer large bags to carry dresses, laptops, athletic items, shoes and much more during travel, shopping, beaches and for office. But these are not the only one that is preferred by women. At times people require short bags like saint laurent bags that come from china. Men and Women prefer Wallets but this is not the only type of short bag preferred by women, there are lots more. There are various kinds of short bags available in the market. Some of them are as follows.

Clutch: As the name implies these are very small purses that are held in hand. These are good to carry, mobiles, cosmetics, and money.

Chic Tote: As the name implies it can be called as a smaller tote. Though every woman likes to have a tote bag to dump all the items, at times a smaller version of it is required to carry fewer items like wallet, mobile, and makeup kit. Chic Tote is sufficient during such time.

Iconic Bag: though everybody likes to have a designer bag, this is not true in certain cases. At times, one may like to have a luxurious bag with simple designs. The iconic bag is suitable for such situations. These bags have classic designs and it can last for many years.

Minaudiere Bag: This type of bag is best carried during a cocktail party. This is usually a rectangular shaped bag decorated with stones, beads, and crystals.

Wallet: This is a very small case that is perfect to hold money and cash. This is apt for carrying it in pockets.

Wristlet: These are similar to clutch bags but have a short strap to wrap it around the wrist.

Envelope Bag: This is a very small envelope shaped bag that comes without the strap. These are best for dinners and movies.

Wonder about the large collection of small or short bags available in the market? So, choose your favorite one from the above when you are out for shopping next time.


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