Why Is Complete Dependence On Reactive Maintenance Not A Wise Option?

The first action whenever any machine or device slows down, reduces in efficiency and precision, displays signs of faults or even stops working is repair. This emergency action is called reactive maintenance or breakdown maintenance. The method is applied in cases of failures and damages and employs no preventive or precautionary measures, performs just the necessary maintenance dealing with the… More →

Radar Vs. Sonar

Radar stands for Radio detection and ranging whereas Sonar stands for sound navigation and ranging. There are some similarities and differences between Radar and Sonar. The applications are certainly different and that is mainly due to properties of each. Similarities: Both use the method of detecting reception of a signal that is transmitted. Both use the principles of Doppler Effect.… More →

Stay Connected Online 24/7

Every home has a wireless router now. The most functional and best wireless routers help us to connect the computer to an Internet Service so that data and media files can be shared seamlessly between devices like mobile and Wi-Fi. Though wired routers are effective, wireless routers are a better option if you don’t want Ethernet cables around your home.… More →